30 Apr, 2019

What is Ethernet ?

  • Developed by Xerox Company back in 1972.
  • Ethernet is a dominant LAN technology compared to earlier competitor like Token Ring or Apple Talk, ARPANET.
  • Computer networking through variety of cables.
  • Co-axial, UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair), Optical Fiber and even in wireless device that has ethernet LAN connectivity via wired network.
  • Popular saying Ethernet Port : Fast Ethernet Port/Gigabit Ethernet Port

Understanding the Indication of Ethernet (10Base5)
10 indicates it throughput or capacity in mbps i.e. 10 mbps. 5 indicates distance of 500 meters and Base is for base band.
10Base5 – Thicknet Cable – 500m – 10Mbps
10Base2 – Thinnet Cable – 185m – mbps

Straight Through Cable
The straight through cable is used to connect the following devices:
– Host to Switch or Hub
– Router to Switch or Hub

CrossOver Cable
The crossover cable can be used to connect the following devices:
– Switch to Switch
– Hub to Hub
– Host to Host
– Hub to Switch
– Router direct to Host
– Router to Router