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Sworupaz – Best makeup salon in Kathmandu

Sworupaz Beauty Home & Makeup Mantra specializes in hair styling, makeup, facials, massages, pedicure & manicure, and student training facilities. It is the best makeup salon in Kathmandu providing the best service to date. We also offer comprehensive beautician courses to those aspiring individuals who plan to lead a beauty-care salon in the future. Our team consists of individuals with expertise in related fields, including beautician and makeup artist with experience of more than 23 years.

The best makeup salon in Kathmandu, Sworupaz is constantly generation the group of happy and satisfied customers, makeup artists and students who are gaining a lot of praises for their skills in a different set. We are located in Kandevthan, Kupondole, Lalitpur. We have applied the best treatment and care which is 100% safe to your skin, with special discounts to the regular customer. we use the best quality makeup and care products for the safety of the customer.

Sworupaz Beauty Home
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