E-Laundry is the smart laundry solution to all your laundry burdens. We provide laundry services at exceptionally cheapest rates. We provide washing, steam ironing and other value added services to make your life free of laundry hassles. We are a team of young professionals dedicated to bring you about change in how laundry is carried out, helping you get more time with your loved ones while we take care of your dirty laundry. Our staff consists of experts who have huge experience and knowledge of different types of fabrics and garments and know how to treat them.

E-Laundry is a Kathmandu based online on-demand laundry service that aims at providing high quality laundry services. We use latest technology machines and internationally standardized detergents for quality cleaning with and added feature of online ordering and free pickup and delivery. We expect to reach every household in our vicinity.

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